About Cancom Security
Cancom Security is a truly Canadian company. The founder and CEO are of First Nations lineage and understands and desire to preserve Aboriginal culture while providing employment and advancement opportunities for Aboriginal communities. This is not just a nod to diversity; it is company policy to engage fully with these communities and build lasting beneficial relationships.
Our goal at Cancom Security is to:
  • Respect Aboriginal culture, rights, and Treaty rights.
  • Recognize Aboriginal skills and develop ways to incorporate them into our business.
  • Create an open dialogue between Aboriginal communities, Cancom Security, and our clients.
  • In association with community groups develop, and encourage our clients to participate in, support programs to provide the basic skills required to enter the work force.
  • Work in consultation with Aboriginal communities when developing working practice policies and procedures to ensure acceptability to all parties.
  • Maintain an inclusive approach to our business, always looking for the best skills and talent and providing the opportunity for advancement within the company.
  • Employ exclusive local and membership
Cancom Security is one of the largest employers of Aboriginal Peoples and offers high wages, transferable skills, and on-the-job training. Aboriginal Peoples not only help Canada’s minerals and metals sector meet its human resource needs for current and planned mining ventures, but also provide companies with new perspectives and skills. Cancom has undertaken several projects for Aboriginal Communities. We help guide the Aboriginal community organizations, career planners and practitioners, community leaders and individuals.

We have partnered with several First Nations communities, providing training and employment for the relatively young and growing population. Cancom Security has undertaken projects involving the mining, gas, and electricity industries as well as the security of First Nations communities themselves.

Cancom Security works closely with Community organizations to support training and employment opportunities in Aboriginal communities. Cancom Security also plays an important role in the development and implementation of community-driven engagement programs. We work in partnership with the local industries that we serve, to identify best practices in labor force development and employment strategies.

Cancom Security will continue to engage with Aboriginal communities, to the benefit of those communities, our clients, and our company. Cancom Security is truly a partner in community safety aimed at First Nations community’s health and safety. Cancom Security has implemented programs and strategies in the following areas for First Nations communities.

1. Job Creation / Training and Development
2. Security Services and Partnership
3. Technological implementation
4. Enforcement Services
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